Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread before it goes into a hot oven
Garlic bread

This recipe is inspired by brothers, with every pasta dish we have, there has to be a tray of hot garlic bread.  Everytime, I make this recipe my brother always tells me 'much more garlic bread much more'. The crispy, crunchy bread and the oozing glorious garlic butter, with a hint of chives. The flavours and textures dance around on your palate.

Now, I know what you are thinking!! It’s so much easier to buy it than to make it. I know trust me. However, it’s really easy to make and 10 times more yummy.
First of all, the issue of garlic, I know it smells and stays on your hands forever. But I love it! You can call me French if you want. However,the sensation of garlic on your palate is like an explosion of sweetness verses gust.
Everyone makes the mistake with garlic bread not to season it with a little sugar to balance out the flavour.  The sugar allows the garlic to mellow out and become not too pungent and overbearing.

This is how I make my garlic bread:
Place 3-4 cloves of garlic in a small blender, with milk, sugar, and 1tsp of salt and a dash of pepper. Right now you are making like a cold garlic puree. Blitz until smooth and add 3tbsp of soft butter and oregano or fresh chives, is even better. Then adjust the season by putting a little bit of the mixture on your finger and tasting it. I know its sound really disgusting but if you want the balance right, you must do it.  Then cut your small baguette into slices, and place your butter inbetween the slices. Bake at 240C for 10-15mins and serve hot. Enjoy!!!

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